Life for Thy Soul

Life is a jungle for a lost soul
Full of thorns, astray plants and flowers
A wild, scary place,
With invisible dividers.

Life is a race for a vagabond soul
A long twist road of journey
Aided with colored stop lights
They think life is to go and hurry.

Life is an isle for a lonely soul
An isolated withered place
A wide lonely place of emptiness,
Where the root is hard to trace.

Life is a city for a soul who seek
Full of skyscrapers and busy feet
A mess place with different directions
A doubtful place to go on.

Life is a prison for a soul of cheat
A world of make-believers
Faces with masks that wears nothing inside
Their true feelings, they keep and hide.

Life is a garden for a happy soul
Having one pathway and vision
A peaceful resting place:
Walls: OFF, Bridge: ON

Life as always is unsafe with storms
And scary flashing thunders.
But, the secret to live is hope and faith
Believe in God and life, don’t hate.



2 thoughts on “LIFE FOR THY SOUL

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